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Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at support@ducett.com


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Mesh bracelet

In the link below you will find a video with an explanation about opening the Mesh luxe closure.

The main difference between the mesh bracelet and mesh bracelet luxe is the length. The mesh is 20.5cm and the luxe is 22.5cm. The luxe have also a clip closure and the strap is slightly thicker and therefore feels firmer. 

The mesh charms fit on both bracelets.

A total of three stoppers are included when you order the normal Mesh bracelet. Two stoppers are provided for holding the charms in place. Use the third stopper after the sliders so that the bracelet stays in place.

The charms have different sizes. Because of this we can't say exactly how many charms can fit on a bracelet. We advise to start with 6-8 charms, after that you can always buy more charms.

The mesh bracelet has a length of 20.5cm and the mesh bracelet luxe has a length of 22.5cm. Both bracelets have a width of 10 mm. The stoppers are included with the bracelet.


The production time is 1-2 business days (925 collection is 5-10 business days)


1-2 shippings days: Netherlands, Belgium

1-3 shippings days: Deutschland, Luxembourg

2-4 shipping days: Austria, France, United Kingdom, Ireland

2-6 shipping days: Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Estonia


3-9 shippings days: United States, Switzerland and all other country's in Europe

5-15 shippings days: Country's outside Europe

For Express shipping. All other country's in the world. If you need the package in 2-3 days you need contact support@ducett.com

The Netherlands:

Shipping costs for The Netherlands are €2,95
Free shipping for orders with a total amount of €20,00

Belgium, Deutschland, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Slovakia, Norway, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Finland and Estonia:

Shipping costs for orders below €20,00 are €5,95.
Shipping costs for orders below €50,00 are €3,95
Free shipping for orders with a total amount of €50,00

Switzerland, UK and other country’s:

Shipping costs to Switzerland and UK are €9,99.
Free shipping for order with a total amount of €100.

You are entitled to cancel your order up to 30 days after receipt without notice. After the cancellation of your order you will have 30 days left to return your product. You will then be credited with the full order amount including shipping. Only the costs for returning from home to the webshop are at your own expense. Check your carrier’s website for exact rates. If you make use of your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to the vendor in the original condition and packaging with all supplied accessories and – if reasonably possible. To use this right, you can contact us at support@ducett.com. We will then refund the due amount within 30 days after your return has been returned, provided that the product has already been returned in good order.

Products with engraving do not have a right of return. The right of withdrawal is therefore not applicable. The sale is therefore final after successful payment.


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2994 LE Barendrecht

The Netherlands

 You can pick up your order by appointment. Please send an a e-mail to info@ducett.com to make an pick-up appointment.

You can pay with below options:


Tips for longer enjoyment of your jewelry


- We do not recommend showering because of the substances in shampoo

- Do not spray perfume on your jewelry

- Remove the jewelry before swimming due to chlorine in the pool


The jewelry can withstand water as long as there are no other substances in it such as cleaning products, shampoo, chlorine, etc


All products come with a 1 year warranty and watches 2 years. Read our warranty conditions here 

  • Quality is very important at DUCETT and that is why all our products have full warranty coverage.

    What is the warranty coverage?
    The warranty covers watches and jewellery purchased directly from DUCETT and covers any material or manufacturing defects under normal use during the warranty period.

    The warranty does not cover;
    General wear and tear, improper handling or lack of care.
  • Exhaustion of the watch battery or damage to the watch battery due to misuse or accidents.
  • Water damage
  • Scratches, broken glass or chips
  • Damage caused by repairs or modifications carried out by a third party
  • Lost or stolen goods or parts
  • Fading, discoloration or deteriorationWithin the guarantee period, DUCETT will provide such replacement free of charge if, during normal use, the item proves to be defective in material or manufacture. If your model is not available, an alternative of equal value or similar style will be provided.

    Each replacement item is covered by a new warranty period from the date of issue.

    The guarantee is void if no valid proof of purchase is provided.

    The Warranty Period
    The warranty period for jewellery is one year from the date of purchase and two years for watches.

    How can you make a warranty claim?
    Contact DUCETT's support team via this link. <click here>

    Retail purchase
    For any purchase not made directly from DUCETT, the retailer should be contacted in the first instance.

The jewelry can withstand water as long as there are no other substances in it such as cleaning products, shampoo, chlorine, etc 

All our jewellery are nickel free.

All our jewelry is made of stainless steel, except for the 925 collection. These are made of 925 sterling silver and the rose and gold have a layer of 18K real gold.

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