Size chart bracelet

Measuring your wrist size.
Determining your wrist size can easily be done with a piece of string or a tape measure. Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist (on the wrist bone), not too tight but all around. Then read off the size of the tape measure. If there is no tape measure, wrap a string around your wrist in the same way. Place a line on the string where the string has completely wrapped your wrist. Then place the string along a ruler and read the measurement.

Order the exact size. We will make the bracelet 1.5cm wider and therefore fitting.

Always round up to the top. If you measure 17.4cm, order wrist size 18cm.

S 18.5 CM 16 CM
M 19.5 CM 17 CM
L 20.5 CM 18 CM
XL 21.5 CM 19 CM
XXL 22.5 CM 20 CM